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Institutional Asset Distributors, LLC Aligns with $800M Industry Titan

Top Indexed Annuities

Top Indexed Annuities


Press Release

Institutional Asset Distributors, LLC. announces its strategic alignment with Top Indexed Annuities, a wholesale marketing company for Fixed Indexed Annuities.

“We are excited about the growth in this segment of the market. Top Indexed Annuities and its team of specialists are the best in the business. We know that by utilizing the resources available, all advisors will be able to create a more efficient, profitable practice while offering their clients the most comprehensive solutions in helping them meet all their financial goals.” Daniel Murphy, President IAD, LLC

Top Indexed Annuities is a wholesale marketing company of Fixed Equity Index, Fixed and Immediate Annuities representing more than forty highly rated Insurance companies. Top Indexed Annuities and its affiliates distributed well over $800 million of insurance products in 2017. They are experts in the utilization of Indexed Annuities and bring more than 100 years of combined Annuity Wholesaling experience. The technology value added platforms they provide to the financial advisor has been credited for much of their success.

What to expect…Over the next few weeks you will be hearing from Top Indexed Annuities Wholesalers as they will be arranging meetings with top advisors from across the country. Scheduling a one-on-one meeting with one of their specialists will assist in making 2018 a great year. For further information on how you can utilize their services contact either West Division Vice President Scott Sandler at, Central Division Vice President Kerry Dharnidharka at or East Division Vice President Brad Shaw at