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Turnkey Workshop Marketing


At Artificial Intelligence Marketing Group (AIMG) we’ve tapped some of the top digital marketing experts in the country to build out a proprietary seminar marketing solution. We’re thrilled to offer what we believe to be the most effective and cutting edge way to fill up seminars or generate leads. Learn more about our new offering below and reach out to Jim Latanski (219-333-0100) at AIMG or via


Turnkey: Comprehensive campaigns that drive results and
require less than an hour of your time.

Proprietary Data: We’ve spent 5+ years building and enhancing
data sets that allow us to pinpoint your ideal prospects.

Fixed Pricing: Easy, flat pricing means no surprises. Typically
our campaigns cost 60% less than traditional media.

Flexible: Depending on the focus of your practice we can adjust
our campaigns to fit your needs.

Low Risk: If we miss our guarantee we will credit back money
on your next campaign so we can hit your goals.

Transparency: You’ll love working with us. Our team is
transparent and you’ll never be left in the dark.


After two years of utilizing our proprietary data to target we’re able to drive results that surpass direct mail, other digital agencies, and
everyone else providing lead generation marketing in the financial planning market. Get to know more about the solution:

Traffic via Digital Advertising

Precise targeting models allow us to market your seminar to your ideal audience with unprecedented accuracy.

Signups via Custom Webpages

We develop and utilize proprietary localized brands to funnel prospects to custom event landing pages where they register to attend.

Automated Followip via Email & Text

Utilizing conversion rate optimization models we send follow up emails and texts to pre-qualify and remind prospects to boost attendance.


Our team of marketing experts has generated industry leading results across a variety of verticals for years. We’re confident that we’ll be able to cost effectively drive high quality attendance to your next event.







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